Rachel Sizemore
Rachel Sizemore
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Redesign memes to fit Care Packages. College can be a difficult time for students and their families. Quickfix provides relief for college students by selling care packages that meet their specific needs. There are six different curated care package options to meet the needs of each student. Quickfix bridges the gap by providing relief to the sender and recipient.

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The animals were created and inspired by memes. Memes are what college students find on the internet to lift their spirits. The animals create a great moment of connection between the word and image that inspire laughter. When opening the package, the characters are also seen on the inside lid telling a joke. The little surprise packages are random and could contain anything from chocolate to a enamel pin to a gift card. It is random for every package.

The Sheep represents sleep. Inside this package there will be sleep remedies like NyQuil, bedtime tea, mini soft pillow, fuzzy socks and a sleep mask. 

The Corgi represents your best friend. Inside this package will be a custom package of your favorite things like your favorite candy, gift cards and mug.

The Lion represents how powerful you become with the help of liquids. Inside this package will be a mix of mini bottles of liquor or wine as well as a few different shot glasses.

The Alpaca represents a doctor. This package contains items that will help you get better from a cold like tissues, tea, mug, cough drops and chicken soup.

The Otter represents playtime. This package contains bubbles, gift cards, chocolate, goldfish, slime and play dough.

The Wolf represents long distance relationships. This package contains envelopes, letters, stamps, stickers and a box to hold letters.


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