Rachel Sizemore

Royal Palms

rp banner.png

Wine & Dine

Royal Palms is a lovely tapas wine bar located in Atlantic Beach, FL. The actual dining experience, in my opinion, did not align with their website. So as a project during my internship at Engage, I chose to redesign their website and logo to reflect a more beachy Florida look.


My Role

This project was meaningful because my family and I dine there frequently and loved it. There are so many special moments to experience in the restaurant; the local artwork displayed on the walls, perusing the vast wine selection, sharing tapas with friends that all weren’t a part of their digital experience. My goal was to elevate the website to help bring more people in to enjoy the wonderful food and wine.

Mac Mockup RP.png
Home 2 Copy 2.jpg

Final Thoughts

Dining in the restaurant is like being immersed in a cave of wine with all of the wine bottles, wooden barrels and beautiful paintings hanging on the walls. It was important to portray the beachiness but also capture the ambiance of the close knit space with the food and loud echoey sounds. From the new and improved logo that is simple and elegant, to the imagery and bright color scheme, it is rewarding to see the final design completed. It all is working together to paint a picture of what the dining experience is like at Royal Palms.