Rachel Sizemore
Rachel Sizemore
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reina's cookies

 Reina’s satisfies your sweet tooth and once you have tasted a cookie, it won’t be your last. Fresh cookies ready to re-bake at any time. They are great for small and large gatherings. Bring people together with Reina’s cookies.


Ever since Reina could walk she was baking. Throughout the years all of her friends and family would encourage her to open up her own store telling her she was the ‘queen of cookies’ and she finally did it. Reina’s is a dream made reality with the help of her family and friends to share her love of cookies with the world. Since she is all about family support she enjoys working with other local family owned businesses to bring people joy with cookies. Reina’s cookies brings you cookies made for a queen.

The food truck design is what helped kick off the initial designs for this project. Design Womb created the designs for Boo Coo Roux food truck. It is very fresh and fun and the design stays true to its food inspired roots.

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