Rachel Sizemore
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Get Otter Here

College can be a difficult time for students and their families. Quickfix provides relief for college students by selling care packages that meet their specific needs by providing relief to both the sender and recipient.

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What Do You Meme?

Each package is branded with a specific animal that represents what is inside the package. For example, the sheep represents sleep so the package contains items like Nyquil, tea, and fuzzy socks while the otter represents play with the package including items like bubbles, gift cards and chocolate.


My Role

As you can tell by now, the animals were created and inspired by memes. College students use memes to help relate to how they are feeling and share it with their friends. After doing research, I discovered the overwhelming need for packages like these to help connect loved ones to each other even when they are far away.


Final Thoughts

These packages were designed with animals to create a moment of connection with loved ones that inspire laughter. This project was a delight to work on because of all of the creative thinking and meme research. It’s the little things that connect the most with people even if it’s just letting them know you care.