Rachel Sizemore
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Predictive Presentation Technologies


The Next Big Thing

Predictive Presentation Technologies is a new type of presentation software that has the ability to rapidly adjust the content of the presentation on the fly so the presenter can adjust the presentation to meet the needs of the audience. They reached out to me to help them create a motion video which led to redesigning the home page of their website.


My Role

As one of the first designers to work with Predictive Presentation Technologies, I got the chance to help convert their ideas into reality. The video seen above is currently being displayed on the website and as a marketing tool to show customers more information about the software.


I’ll Know It When I See It

As a designer, it is my job to gather all of the information and visualize my ideas before starting my work. The storyboard to the left is an example of portraying the presentation software as “everything you need in one package”. Even though they liked the abstract idea, once they saw this storyboard, it turned us in another direction which brought us to the final idea for the video.


Final Thoughts

Working with the team at Predictive Presentation Technologies was an absolute delight. It was very important to them that I had a chance to see how their presentation software worked which helped me visualize and animate the final video and website design. Now when you visit the website, all of the information about the software is redesigned so it is accessible and easy to navigate.