Rachel Sizemore
Rachel Sizemore
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Album Covers

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Album Covers

Sara Bareilles is a talented singer and songwriter. She connects to listeners in a unique and powerful way with her soft harmonic tones and powerful piano compositions. This project is a collection of three of her album covers redesigned to bring the feeling of her music forward to connect words to the imagery on the covers and to show her development as an artist.

Kaleidoscope Heart is a connection of her soul to help explain her heart and life when it’s broken to see something beautiful. Blessed Unrest is a reflection after a big move in her life. It speaks to a new chapter and feeling of being reborn. Waitress is a heart-warming musical in which she helped write the score. It is about love, baking and family.

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The Kaleidoscope album is a mix of warm tones and gray blues mixed together. The twisted, turned mirrors is a reflection of her relationships and creates a self-discovery mixing cool and warm colors to create a kaleidoscopic collage.

Blessed Unrest is inspired by the New York skyline. The buildings are sprouting inside a piano to demonstrate her connection to the city through her music. The colors are mixes of blues and grays to add to the sullen tone she speaks to in the album. The highlights reveal the hope and possibilities this new city has to offer.

Waitress was inspired by the 50’s style of painting seen in advertisements and diners. The colors are warm, fresh and inviting, illustrating the soul of the musical is baked from the heart. These three album covers show Sara’s transition as an artist and growth as a person.

She has developed her artistic style by pushing her songs to become more about her soul. The album covers are hand painted with watercolor and further developed on the computer.

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