Rachel Sizemore
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Album Covers

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Kicking It Back Old School

Sara Bareilles connects to listeners in a unique and powerful way with her soft harmonic tones and powerfully created compositions. Kaleidoscope Heart, Waitress and Blessed Unrest were redesigned to bring the feeling of her music forward to connect words to the imagery on the covers and to show her development as a musician.


My Role

I have always admired Sara Bareilles for the ways she reinvents herself with every new album. It is living documentation of her life journey. My goal for this project was to try to connect to the audience using a traditional medium like watercolor but also incorporate familiar imagery to connect back to Sara’s roots.

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Final Thoughts

Each album symbolizes a turning point in her life such as a moment of self discovery in a kaleidoscope to being reborn in NYC for Blessed Unrest, and finally learning about a new kind of love in Waitress. With each new step there is growth and a new tone built upon the rest of her collection of music.