Rachel Sizemore
Rachel Sizemore
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Adelaide’s is a luxurious French restaurant located in the center of Paris. The Chef and owner Adelaide Kane is a decorated chef and successful actress. She is a direct descendent of Mary Queen of Scots so she decided to honor her with her restaurant. Mary Stewart was born in 1542 and became Queen at six days old. She grew up in France betrothed to a French Price and experienced all of the elegant luxuries of French court. Mary was Queen of France and Scotland for a short while then when the King died she went home and had a child who would become James VI and I King of Scotland and England. Adelaide believed in preserving Mary’s legacy as a powerful female ruler and wanted people to come to Adelaide’s to dine like royalty. Mary was captivating because of her brilliant mind and dazzling beauty. 

The designs were influenced by illuminated manuscripts and the crown. Both Mary and Adelaide have fiery spirits that help to empower women. Images of Queen Mary as well French and Scottish castles are used throughout the designs as homage to Mary. The logo was hand-drawn as well as the drop caps in the cookbook. Typefaces used include Adobe Jenson Pro and Mrs. Eaves OT. These are both clean and elegant and provide a connection between the old style of the 16th century and contemporary culture. The materials in this project include identity and branding, food and drink menu, cookbook, postcards, exterior signage and drink coasters.

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