Rachel Sizemore


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Immersive Language Learning

Learning a language opens up so many possibilities. Ology is a language learning app with one mission: immerse language learners in a country and culture of their choice to promote unconscious learning through their own unique interests.


Textbook Learning Isn’t Working

At the beginning of the ideation process, my group sent out a survey to gauge how people were learning a language, and the result was a mix between using apps and the classroom. After more research, we came to the conclusion that the people who retained the most language skills were immersed in the culture of the language they were learning.

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My Role

As one of the four Graphic Designers on the original team, one of my responsibilities was to help gather research, create wireframes, design the screens and create a motion video explaining the idea behind _ology.


Welcome to _ology

After the initial onboarding screens, the user is prompted to choose a language, and then the screen populates with countries that speak that language.


Learn At Your Own Pace

In the setting tab, users can adjust the amount of translated words that are seen throughout the main feed. This is also where the user can change the language or country.

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Final Thoughts

This project has always been a favorite of mine, and every time I explain the concept of the app people say: “This needs to become a reality”. This was one of the first group projects I worked on where it was an entire team of graphic designers, and it was such a rewarding experience from ideation to completion. Learning a new language allows you to connect and communicate with more people than you could before. Just think that there is whole country of people just waiting to be connected with.