Rachel Sizemore



From French to Scottish Royalty

Mary Queen of Scots was a powerful ruler and during her reign she ruled over France and Scotland. Adelaide, a descendant of the queen, opened a French restaurant located in the heart of Paris. Adelaide’s luxurious dishes and interior help preserve Mary’s fiery spirit and welcome others to dine like royalty.

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Understanding The Queen

While I was in the ideation process, I took the time to dig deep to really understand who Mary Stuart was. She was born in Scotland in 1542 and was raised in France betrothed to Frances, the next French king. She spoke seven languages and was admired in the court for her dazzling beauty and captivating spirit. She could light up a room, so it was important to showcase her portraits throughout the designs as well as different landscapes from both countries she lived in during her time as queen.

cover recipe.png

My Role

As the sole designer for this project it was great to take the time to go over all of the details and typography to make sure it had a consistent flow and eminent luxury. The drop caps were created to help bring the old style of illuminated manuscripts to life on the pages of the cookbook mixing with the simple vines frames on the drink and food menus.


Final Thoughts

Seeing all of the final designs together shows how the smallest changes help improve a design system. My strategy for this project was to use the deep shades of red, dignified portraits and elegant typography to connect the old style reviving her spirit and connecting to the modern era.